Team Diagnostics

‘How is your Management Team or Operations Team or Sales Team functioning?’

Where are the opportunities to improve team dynamics and team performance?
Performance = Potential minus interference.

Where is the interference and how do you improve team flow and team performance?

We have a range of Team Diagnostic tools to help you pinpoint where the issues are so we can then help you and your team design and implement the right strategy.

Improve team dynamics – improve business results.

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Personality – Talent Dynamics – DISC – REACH Diagnostics

Know yourself – know the enemy, need not fear the result of 100 battles – Sun Tzu – The Art of War

When you better understand yourself and your team mates, you are better able to play to each others strengths.

  • Improve Communication
  • Improve Team Dynamics
  • Improve Self Awareness
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve Results

It all starts with choosing one of our many Personality Dynamics profiles to get your team to do.

Easy and affordable to apply. Incredible value in improved results.

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Sales Systems – Sales Training Enablement Diagnostics

‘Where are the blockages and opportunities to improve your sales team results?’

How do you know?

Where is the data?

Pinpoint the key problem areas and opportunities to unleash the full power of your sales team.

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Sales Systems
  • Sales Training
  • Proposals and Quotes Conversion
  • CRM
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Motivation
  • Sales Recruiting
  • .. or something else?

These Sales Team Enablement Diagnostics are invaluable for any business owner or manager who is serious about creating a breakthrough in sales results.

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Systems Performance Diagnostics

‘94% of your problems are due to your systems.’

Find out which systems and where the problems are so you can then surgically go about fixing the problem.

  • Your Operations Systems
  • Your Management Systems
  • Your Communciation Systems
  • Your Sales Systems
  • Your Leadership Systems
  • Your Customer Experience Systems

Where do you want to start?

Improve your systems – improve your results.

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Dashboards and Metrics Diagnostics

If your people can’t see the score, how do you expect them to play the game well?

What you measure is what people pay attention to.

What you measure is what you improve.

Improve your performance, your efficiency and your scalability as an organisation.

Let’s work together to diagnose how well or how not so well your Dashboards and Metrics are performing.

Then we can work together to improve this.

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Leadership Effectiveness and Alignment Diagnostics

Leadership and Leadership Alignment are super critical to your organisation’s success.

If the Leadership group aren’t leading with High Leadership EQ and High Alignment, you will be struggling.

Get the data on these two critical leverage points in your organsiation.

We have several powerful tools to give you insights that will make all the difference to your performance and results.

Every day that your leadership is performing sub-optimally and out of alignment is a massive cost to the business.

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Leadership Integrity and Values Diagnostics

Leadership Integrity and Values Diagnostics drills deep to give you the answers for your Leadership Team.

Integrity and Values’ psychometric leadership profiling is a world first and leader. We establish what leaders want to know about their people, how to effectively manage and develop them, and how to make good recruitment decisions based on solid verifiable data.

Take The Guesswork Out And Verify Your Gut Instinct

The Integrity and Values Leadership Profiling System takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process and gives a solid basis on which to make informed people decisions. Those in supervisory and management positions benefit best from the profile.

Still, it can also be used to help all professionals and positions that require significant interpersonal skills, and even other coaches. The profile looks at 20 traits that determine success in leadership, which are clustered in six key areas:

  • Integrity
  • Self-Management
  • Task Focus
  • Relationship Management
  • Vision
  • Impression Management

Through this, we are able to assess the individual’s: ‘default style’ under pressure, personal level of integrity, management style (in work in relationships), honesty about self, and how hard they work to make an impression (good or bad).

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Performance Management Diagnostics

How effective is the Performance management system in your organisation?

Our Performance Management Diagnostic gives insights into 6 Key Areas:

  • Performance Planning – Goal Setting
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)
  • Coaching, Feedback, Development and Training
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Performance Metrics and KPI’s

Using the insights from this diagnostic we work with you to then implement improved systems and strategies to engage, motivate, and develop the capabilities and the performance of your people.

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Marketing and Lead Generation System Diagnostics

If your Marketing and Lead Generation is weak, your revenue results will be weak.

Discover where your existing Marketing and Lead Generation systems are underperforming.

Discover where you have major gaps that will make all the difference.

Our Diagnostic will evaluate up to 67 different Lead Generation Strategies that are available to your organisation that you may not be capitalising on.

Areas we evaluate include:

  • Online and Offline Lead Generation and Marketing
  • Positioning and Targeting
  • Messaging and Offers
  • Campaigns and Forecasting
  • Networking and face to face lead generation
  • Educational Based Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ambassador Marketing and Lead Generation
  • .. and much more

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Culture, Communication, and Support Systems Diagnostics

‘Culture will eat Strategy for Breakfast any day..’ Professor Peter Drucker

If you are not consciously designing, building or nurturing your organisational culture to support your strategy, you can be certain your culture is undermining all your best efforts.

Let us work with you to customise a culture audit to include key items including:

  • Common Mission and Shared Vision
  • Decision Making Effectiveness
  • Roles and Management Clarity and Effectiveness
  • Accountability Culture – or not?
  • Communciation – Frequency x Quality
  • Conflict Management – difficult conversations or not
  • Coaching Culture?
  • Learning Culture
  • Kaizen Culture
  • Customer Experience Focussed Culture
  • Innovation Cutlure
  • Trust Quotient
  • EQ Quotient
  • ..and more

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Strategic Direction and Communications Diagnostics

‘Are your People lost and you don’t even know it? How Clear are your Employees on Your Strategic Direction?’

Two of the most common complaints of employees in all organsiations are:

  • We don’t have any clear strategy or direction to follow, and
  • If there is a strategy we hardly hear about it

What are the perceptions of the people in yoru organsiation when it comes to awareness of the strategic direction and operational plans?

Clarity Leads to Power.

Which parts of your organsiation best understand and are engaged in the strategy and which parts are operating in the dark?

Turn on the lights.

Get the data. Do the Diagnostics so you can then take powerful action.

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360 Degree Feedback Diagnostics

Do a comprehensive Leadership and Employee Assessment.

Use the 360 Degree Diagnostic to Set Performance Improvement Plans

Develop the Team – better Team communications and dynamics

Benchmark your organisations leadership competencies.

Identify hidden barriers holding your business or organisation back.

Build a leadership funnel to prepare for the future

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