Sales and Marketing Performance

Sales Training and Growth Systems

Get an extra 46% or $1M in sales this year or you don’t pay

How good are your systems, skills, strategies for sales and rainmaking in today’s marketplace?

Use a proven, road tested systems and science based approach to empower your State, National and International sales team to create incredible sales breakthrough results.

  • Sales Systems
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Sales Meetings
  • Sales Planning and Forecasting
  • Sales Mindset
  • Sales Kaizen – Continuous Improvement
  • Sales Culture
  • Sales Proposals
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales Science
  • Buyer Facilitation Psychology
  • Sales Leadership and Management
  • Sales Pipelines
  • … and much more

Increase your sales by 46% or $1 million or you don’t pay.

Turn more of your people into high performing rain makers.

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Web Design and SEO Optimisation

‘Web Design and SEO Optimisation are critical to your Branding, Marketing and Lead Generation Success.’

In today’s market place over 70% of the buying decision is made based on yoru online presence.

You need a website that positions and brands you in the way that will maximise the attraction of the kind of leads you want reaching out to you.

You need a website that is easily navigable then nurtures your bottom of the funnel lead generation so they ultimately lead to a sales conversion.

You also need to be found on the world wide web.

A great website without powerful Search Engine Optimisation is like a great billboard int he middle of a desert.

We have some of the worlds best on our PDC team.

Contact us today to see how your web design and your SEO optimisation could go to a whole new level.

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Social Media Presence – Online Lead Generation

‘Social Media and Online Lead Generation is Gold If You Get it Right.’

How well are you using social media to not only establish your brand but develop connections with both existing clients and build trust with potential clients.

We can audit your existing social media presence then co-design with you a social media presence plan to build your brand and generate your more of the types of leads you want being attracted to your business.

Stop hiding your light under a rock..

Use the PDC Social Media and Online Lead Generation Experts to turbo charge your results.

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Marketing and Lead Generation

Marketing and Lead Generation

How well are you using and benefiting from modern day Marketing Science?

Marketing positions your company and gets you warm, qualified leads. Sales then professionally converts the leads into ongoing revenue.

Our Marketing team of experts (geniuses) are proven top performers in high level warm lead generation with over 40 years proven business building, rainmaking experience.

Improve your targeting, improve your offer, improve your positioning, out market your competition, reduce your marketing budget, attract more warm, highly qualified leads to convert and improve your ROI.

That’s our promise to you.

Find out more today. You really will be excited by what our Marketing and Lead Generation professionals can do for you.

Branding and Brand Energy

Branding and Brand Energy

Every person and every business and every person in a business radiates energy.

What you radiate determines what you attract.

A conscious business makes sure everyone in the business understands that brand energy is the critical determinant to marketing and business growth success.

Find out how to capture, design then implement your Conscious Business Blueprint – a clear, multi-level guide to manage, direct and develop relationships, operations, and product delivery.

Understand who you are better, so you can do business (as a team) better.

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Printing - Branding - Corporate Uniforms - Promotional Materials

Printing – Branding – Corporate Uniforms – Promotional Materials

First impressions really do count.

You have 5 seconds to make a positive impression.

Talk to our Branding-Promotional-Printing Partners Today.

For all your promotionals, branding, printing needs.

Corporate uniforms, banners, merchandising, brochures, annual reports, business cards.

How you present yourself to your public is critical.

Make sure your team actually look like a team.

Design, create, wear then benefit from our Corporate Uniform – OneNess Strategy.

Get the messaging right then get the mediums through which you deliver the messages right.

Talk to our creative team to discover the incredible promotional possibilities open to you.

‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.’ – Will Rogers

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Customer Service - Customer Experience

Don’t rely on chance to create a great customer experience.

Every organisation has customers – both external customers but also internal customers.

Use our Conscious Customer Experience Design Leadership principles to create raving fans for your business and your organisation.

Raving fans means more sales at higher margins and more fun for you and your team members if you are a commercial organisation and better stakeholder engagement and support if you are a non commercial business.

Learn from the world’s best in customer service and customer experience from inside and outside of your industry.

Our Customer Service – Service Leadership Partners will work with you to customise a plan specific to your organisation to transform both your internal customer experience and your external customer experience and in turn add incredible value to your results.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

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